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Clayton,North Carolina, Home to the World’s biggest Wendy’s..........On the East Coast!

Clayton,North Carolina, Home to the World’s biggest Wendy’s..........On the East Coast!

Wendy's in Clayton,NC

Yep folks, Clayton, NC is home to many wonderful people places and things and now it is home to the largest Wendy’s on the East Coast! Why all the fuss you say? It’s Wendy’s for goodness sake an American institution, a legend in the fast food world also cute because of Dave Thomas naming his chain of restaurants after his daughter Wendy!

But seriously I doubt we want to be known throughout the land as Clayton, Home Of The World’s Biggest Wendy’s …....On The East Coast, but here’s the thing. Wendy’s had a Wendy’s on the same spot ( lets see how many times I can say Wendy’s in this blog post) and it looked like it was there for years, so when they took a wrecking ball to it awhile back, I though that can’t be good. Any time you see a business shut their doors it’s nearly always a bad sign, but when they raze a building and then build a brand spanking new state of the art building in it’s place, that’s saying something!

Downtown Clayton

Doesn't matter whether it’s Wendy’s or Wal-Mart, Target or Texaco if big business thinks your town is where they feel comfortable investing millions of dollars, then your town is doing something right. Clayton, NC has been growing over the years as have a lot of towns in the Research Triangle Area, not so fast that they haven’t kept pace with the growth and the slowdown Clayton has built a wonderful community center, has invested in the Clayton Center bringing an array of entertainment to the town. They have added parks, walkways, ballfields, made developers commit to amenities before issuing permits. The town of Clayton and others are investing in the Downtown which is where the heart of a town is. The big guys need space and the towns people appreciate them coming, but when the dust settles we want a walkable downtown with unique restaurants, shops and small business’s.

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